UIC John Marshall Journal of Information Technology & Privacy Law


Paul Kelly

Citations to This Work

  • Scott J. Shackelford, Scott Russell & Jeffrey Haut, Bottoms Up: A Comparison Of "Voluntary" Cybersecurity Frameworks, 16 U.C. Davis Bus. L.J. 217 (2016)


Although the United States enacted the one of the first data protection laws, many Americans are suspicious of European data protection regulations. The U.S. and Japan are notable exceptions to the modern trend toward comprehensive informational privacy regulation. European data protection laws are stricter, more comprehensive, and more bureaucratic than non-European counterparts. Newer regulatory models, such as those introduced in Australia, provide an acceptable compromise between the American self-regulatory approach and the comprehensive European approach. Australia has a federal agency responsible for administering its information privacy laws and is moving towards a co-regulatory approach between government and the private sector.