UIC John Marshall Journal of Information Technology & Privacy Law


Elaine Vullmahn


This comment examines the primary arguments for continuing to prohibit the federal government from establishing a federal firearm registry. The Background section of this comment surveys the development of laws restricting firearm sales and requiring federal firearm licensed dealers to maintain pertinent records. This section also describes how, if enacted, the Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Registration Act of 2009, known as H.R. 45, would, through the creation of federal firearm registry, expose electronic records of private citizens’ firearm purchases and ownership to possible government abuse. The Analysis section examines why H.R. 45 is not the correct means for achieving a reduction in gun violence and crime. This section also examines alternative solutions, in light of the recent McDonald v. Chicago decision, to handle the underlying problems addressed by H.R. 45. The concluding section sets forth some final thoughts.