Citations to This Work

  • Lauren Kellerhouse, Comment 8 Or Rule 1.1: The Implications of Technological Competence on Investigation, Discovery, and Client Security, 40 J. Legal Prof. 291 (2016)


This paper aims to isolate the pertinent ethical issues of cloud computing and chart a sensible path forward for lawyers. Part II briefly introduces the concept of cloud computing. Part III discusses the lawyer‟s duties of confidentiality, of competence, to protect client property, and to oversee non-lawyers who are providing assistance. Part III also examines the application of these duties by the various state bar associations to the problem of cloud computing. Part IV looks at sample terms of use of some of the more popular vendors. Part V suggests that securing informed consent, employing specialty cloud providers, and purchasing cyber insurance provide more practical ways to ensure a lawyer doesn't run afoul of his ethical obligations.