Citations to This Work

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In today‟s marketplace where businesses are constantly being threatened by data breaches and cyber-attacks, it is imperative that a global company obtain cyber-security insurance. The cyber-security insurance market is now the fastest growing segment of the insurance industry as cyber-threats are on the rise and business trade partners and consumers are insisting on safeguards for their confidential and sensitive information. Given how great the potential liability and damages resulting from a data breach can be companies cannot afford to be without cyber-security insurance. As this new form of insurance continues to emerge and develop, it is important for companies to understand the current state of the market and the nature of the protection that they need in order to prudently obtain coverage for cyber-security breaches. This article will address these issues in turn, focusing first on the market, pointing out the need for this specific type of coverage, the inadequacy of general liability policies for cyber-risks, and general issues related to cyber-security insurance. Then we will turn to the relevant considerations in obtaining a cyber-security policy, including the cyberthreats to be aware of and the types of coverage available.