UIC John Marshall Journal of Information Technology & Privacy Law

Citations to This Work

  • Jane Kim J.D., Staying Responsible Within the Healthcare Industry in the Era of the Responsible Corporate Officer Doctrine, 14 Ind. Health L. Rev. 129 (2017)


The healthcare industry possesses information coveted by cyber criminals. Unfortunately, healthcare providers are also among the most vulnerable and unprepared to deal with cyber attacks. The Introduction sets the background of this paper with cyber security statistics of the healthcare sector. Part A of this paper will discuss how new Russian law impacts global data security. Part B takes a broad look at data security safeguards. Part C focuses on U.S. attempts at safeguarding data through NIST and its Presidential Policy Directive. In Part D, the paper explores in greater detail causes that precipitate security breaches and specific security defenses that may be implemented. Lastly, Part E ex-amines compliance programs that are essential in detecting, preventing or, at least, minimizing security threats and hacks, further obviating individual responsibility of corporate officers for breaches.