UIC John Marshall Journal of Information Technology & Privacy Law


Erin Cooper


This comment aims to look at this intersection between Google search results, their lack of removal options in the United States, and the potential harm this can cause crime victims. The comment will begin by assessing Google’s method for delivering search results, and its general removal process for most non-European nations. Then, this comment will continue by looking at the European Union and its “right to be forgotten” ruling that allows people in certain circumstances to remove their personal information from the Internet, and what the United States can learn from its implementation. Moreover, we will then contrast the European Union with the United States. Here, the fo-cus will be on the First Amendment’s Freedom of Speech and protec-tions of privacy. Lastly, this comment will suggest a method for Google to solve this serious issue that would protect victims’ privacy and en-sure that the first item to come up in Google search results would not connect them to the crime committed against them.