Michael Laisné

Citations to This Work

  • Paul Stephen Dempsey, National Laws Governing Commercial Space Activities: Legislation, Regulation, & Enforcement, 36 NW. J. INT'L L. & BUS. 1 (2016)


Human civilization is on the brink of exploring another frontier. As usual, the super power governments of the world have played a major role in the initial stages. Now, as was the case when brave settlers came to colonize the West, and railroads and financial empires were built, society must rely on the private sector to take civilization to the final frontier. This article will give an overview of the current laws and policies relevant to space entrepreneurship (Part II). The Article explores the road to becoming a space entrepreneur including, a description of startup risks (Part III), an overview of space startup funding (Part IV), and a brief summary of business entity options (Part V). Then, the Article makes the case for the economic development of space (Part VI) and presents critical legal and policy suggestions to help promote the private space industry (Part VII).