UIC Review of Intellectual Property Law


Stephen Bennett


Intangible inputs are as important, or more important, to wealth creation than tangible assets and corporate leaders are beginning to recognize the value of their intangible assets. Investors are also focusing on companies whose primary property value is largely intangible intellectual property. IP investment strategies involve either attempts to raise and employ immediate capital through securitization or to protect the value of IP through insurance. The nexus between finance and IP presents a revenue opportunity for law firms. There is already a contingent of the legal community that services clients concerning IP issues but only a much smaller niche segment is advising clients regarding securitization and insurance for their IP assets. Lawyers, law firms, and others who understand the conceptual framework and instruments necessary to insure and securitize IP will become a primary resources for facilitating IP business and investment decisions in the future. These entities simply need to equip themselves with a plan of attack to bridge the gap between IP holders, IP investors, and IP insurers.