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Submissions from 2020

A Blueprint for Using Assessments to Achieve Learning Outcomes and Improve Students' Learning, 12 Elon L. Rev. 1 (2020), Rogelio A. Lasso

Why Did Illinois Call a Constitutional Convention in 1968?, 72 Rutgers U.L. Rev. 1021 (2020), Ann M. Lousin

The Law School Curriculum and the Movement for Black Lives, 31 U. Fla. J.L. & Pub. Pol'y 27 (2020), Teri A. McMurtry-Chubb


Forgiven, Forgotten? Rethinking Victim Impact Statements for an Era of Decarceration, 68 UCLA L. Rev. Discourse 302 (2020), Hugh Mundy

Can the Government Ban Automated Calls to Cell Phones, but Except Calls to Collect Government-Owned Debt, Consistent with the First Amendment (19-631), 47 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 18 (2020), Steven D. Schwinn

Can the Heirs of German Jews Sue a German Foundation in U.S. Courts for Art and Artifacts That Their Precessors Sold to Prussia, under Duress, as Part of the Holocaust? (19-351), 48 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 39 (2020), Steven D. Schwinn

Did Committees of the House of Representatives Have Authority to Issue Subpoenas to Third-Party Custodians of the Personal Records of the President (19-715) (19-760) , 47 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 29 (2020), Steven D. Schwinn

Did Congress Render the Minimal-Coverage Provision in the Affordable Care Act Unconstitutional When It Eliminated the Tax Penalty for Noncompliance, and, if So, Does the Provision's Unconstitutionality Render the Rest of the Act Unconstitutional, Too? (19-840) (19-1019), 48 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 35 (2020), Steven D. Schwinn

Did Federal Agencies Have Authority to Grant a Categorical Exemption from the Affordable Care Act's Contraceptive Guarantee for Organizations That Have a Religious or Moral Objection to Contraception (19-431) (19-454), 47 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 13 (2020), Steven D. Schwinn

Did Philadelphia Violate the Free Exercise Clause or the Free Speech Clause When It Included and Enforced a Standard Provision in a Contract for Foster Family Care Agencies That Prohibits Agencies from Discriminating by Sexual Orientation? (19-123), 48 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 21 (2020), Steven D. Schwinn

Did the Montana Supreme Court Violate the Constitution When It Struck a State Program That Offered Montanans Dollar-for-Dollar Tax Credits for Donations to Private Schools, including Religious Schools, for the Purpose of Paying Student Tuition (18-1195), 47 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 30 (2020), Steven D. Schwinn

Does a Federal Tort Claims Act "Judgment Bar" Foreclose a Plaintiff's Claims against Individual Officers for Constitutional Violations When the Court Dismissed the Plaintiff's FTCA Claims against the Government for Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction in the Same Lawsuit? (19-546), 48 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 31 (2020), Steven D. Schwinn

Does the Federal Prohibition against Encouraging or Inducing Illegal Immigration for Commercial Advantage or Private Financial Gain Violate Free Speech (19-67), 47 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 11 (2020), Steven D. Schwinn

Does the First Amendment Bar Congress from Restricting Federal Funds to Fight HIV and AIDS Abroad to Foreign Affiliates of U.S. Nongovernmental Organizations That Have a Policy Explicitly Opposing Prostitution and Sex Trafficking (19-177), 47 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 10 (2020), Steven D. Schwinn

Does the First Amendment Bar Congress from Restricting Federal Funds to Fight HIV and AIDS Abroad to Foreign Affiliates of U.S. Nongovernmental Organizations That Have a Policy Explicitly Opposing Prostitution and Sex Trafficking (19-177), 47 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 27 (2020), Steven D. Schwinn

Does the First Amendment Permit a State to Specify and Define the Composition of State Courts by Reference to the Political Party of the Judges (19-309), 47 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 23 (2020), Steven D. Schwinn

Does the For-Cause Removal Provision for the Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Impermissibly Encroach on the President's Constitutional Power to Direct and Control the Executive Branch - If So, is It Severable from the Rest of the Dodd-Frank Act (19-7), 47 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 22 (2020), Steven D. Schwinn

Does the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act Allow Plaintiffs to Recover Punitive Damages against Foreign States for Terrorist Activities That Occurred before Congress Authorized Punitive Damages under the Act (17-1268), 47 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 7 (2020), Steven D. Schwinn

Does the Freedom of Information Act Compel Disclosure of Agency Records That Were Generated in a Formal Interagency Consultation Process over the Effects of an Agency Action, Later Modified through That Process, on Endangered Species (19-547), 48 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 3 (2020), Steven D. Schwinn

In Light of the Court's 2016 Ruling in Whole Women's Health v. Hellerstedt, Does Louisiana's Law Requiring Doctors Who Perform Abortions to Obtain Admitting Privileges at a Local Hospital Violate the Right to an Abortion (18-1323) (18-1460), 47 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 30 (2020), Steven D. Schwinn

Is the President Immune from a Grand Jury Subpoena Issued by a Local Prosecutor for Materials That Have Nothing to Do with the President's Official Responsibilities (19-635), 47 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 41 (2020), Steven D. Schwinn

May a Federal District Court Abstain from Hearing a Case Brought by Hungarian Holocaust Survivors against Hungary on the Ground That the Plaintiffs Should Sue in Hungary Instead? (18-1447), 48 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 35 (2020), Steven D. Schwinn

May the President Direct the Secretary of Commerce to Include in the Census Count the Number of Unauthorized Noncitizens in Order to Exclude Them from the Apportionment Base for Congressional Representation? (20-366), 48 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 3 (2020), Steven D. Schwinn

Mazars and Vance, and President Trump's Ongoing Assault on our Constitutional Structure, 4 Am. Const. Soc. Sup. Ct. Rev. 213 (2020), Steven D. Schwinn

The Misguided On-off Theory of Congressional Authority, 95 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 551 (2020), Steven D. Schwinn

Vance and Mazars: The President Is Not above the Law, after All, 47 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 18 (2020), Steven D. Schwinn

When a Plaintiff Brings a Second Suit against a Defendant for Continuing to Violate the Plaintiff's Trademark, Is the Defendant Barred from Raising a Defense That It Did Not Raise in the Plaintiff's Earlier Case (18-1086), 47 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 4 (2020), Steven D. Schwinn


Got Bounded Rationality and Political Gridlock? There's a Loan Disclosure Hack for That, 69 Clev. St. L. Rev. 105 (2020), Debra P. Stark, Jessica M. Choplin, and Andrew Pizor

International and Foreign Legal Research Resources at the Law Library of Congress, 32 Pace Int'l L. Rev. 359 (2020), Mark E. Wojcik

Recent Developments in International Litigation, 55 Tort Trial & Ins. Prac. L.J. 409 (2020), Mark E. Wojcik

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, 54 ABA/SIL YIR 271 (2020), Mark E. Wojcik

Criminal Justice and COVID-19, 35 Crim. Just. 44 (2020), Mark E. Wojcik and David Austin

Submissions from 2019

Introductory Overview, 28 J. Affordable Hous. & Cmty. Dev. L. 203 (2019), Priya Baskaran, Renee Hatcher, and Lynnise Phillips Pantin


Comentarios sobre la propuesta revisión del Código Civil: Responsabilidad Civil Extracontractual , 88 Rev. Jur. UPR 342 (2019), Alberto Bernabe


Do Colleges and Universities Have a Duty to Help? California and Massachusetts Lead the Way, N.E. U. L.R. Extra Legal (Winter 2019), Alberto Bernabe

Fake News, Deliberate Lies, and the First Amendment, 44 U. Dayton L. Rev. 209 (2019), Donald L. Beschle

A New Home for Haters - Online Home Sharing Platforms: A Look at the Applicability of the Fair Housing Act to Home Shares, 53 U. Rich. L. Rev. 903 (2019), Allison Bethel

Finding the Goldilocks Zone: Negotiating Your First Employment Offer in Legal Academia, 69 J. Legal Educ. 48 (2019), Darby Dickerson


The Need for A Wealth Inequality Amendment, 122 W. Va. L. Rev. 1 (2019), Stuart Ford


Understanding Crime Gravity: Exploring the Views of International Criminal Law Experts, 27 Wm. & Mary Bill Rts. J. 659 (2019), Stuart Ford


Habit Forming: Evidence of Physician Habit in Medical Negligence Litigation, 19 Yale J. Health Pol'y L. & Ethics 215 (2019), Marc Ginsberg

Non--Physician vs. Physician: Cross--Disciplinary Expert Testimony In Medical Negligence Litigation----Who Knows The Standard Of Care?, 35 Ga. St. U.L. Rev. 679 (2019), Marc Ginsberg


Repurposing Golf Courses and Other Amenities That Burden the Land: Covenants Running Forever – A Transactional Perspective, 52 UIC J. MARSHALL L. REV. 603 (2019), Celeste Hammond


Students in a Menu of Degrees Providing Context for Understanding and Learning the Transactional Attorney's Role, 20 Transactions: Tenn. J. Bus. L. 627 (2019), Celeste M. Hammond

Solidarity Economy Lawyering, 8 Tenn. J. Race Gender & Soc. Just. 23 (2019), Renee Hatcher


A Current Update of EPCRS Through Rev. Proc. 2019-19, 47 Tax Mgmt. Comp. Plan. J. 1 (Dec. 6, 2019), Kathryn J. Kennedy

Workplace Wellness Incentive Plans: The Legal Labyrinth Employers Must Navigate, 22 Quinnipiac Health L.J. 335 (2019), Kathryn J. Kennedy


Notable Employee Benefits Articles of 2018, 163 Tax Notes 1829 (2019), Kathryn J. Kennedy and Melissa Travis


Technology and Regulatory Black Holes: Issues in Protecting IP Rights in Insolvency for Both Licensors and Licensees, 18 QUT L. Rev. 290 (2019), Jason Kilborn

Of Dangers, Conditions, Children, and Maturity: A Plea for A Comprehensible Standard in Long-Standing Rules, 40 N. Ill. U. L. Rev. 44 (2019), Maureen Straub Kordesh


Climate Change, The Paris Agreement, and Subsidiarity, 52 UIC J. Marshall L. Rev. 257 (2019), Paul Lewis and Giovanni Coinu


Can Accessibility Liberate The "Lost Ark" of Scholarly Work?: University Library Institutional Repositories Are "Places of Public Accommodation”, 52 UIC J. Marshall L. Rev. 327 (2019), Raizel Liebler and Gregory Cunningham


Predictive Analytics, 51 Loy. U. Chi. L.J. 161 (2019), Daryl Lim

VLM Food Trading International, Inc. v. Illinois Trading Company, an Exercise on the Battle of the Forms Under the CISG and the UCC, 48 No. 4 UCC L. J. Art 2 (2019), Ann M. Lousin


In Search of the Common Law Inside the Black Female Body, 114 Nw. U.L. Rev. Online 187 (2019), Teri A. McMurtry-Chubb


Still Writing at the Master’s Table: Decolonizing Rhetoric in Legal Writing for a “Woke” Legal Academy, 21 The Scholar 255 (2019), Teri A. McMurtry-Chubb

The Practical Implications of Unexamined Assumptions: Disrupting Flawed Legal Arguments to Advance the Cause of Justice, 58 Washburn L.J. 531 (2019), Teri A. McMurtry-Chubb


There Are No Outsiders Here: Rethinking Intersectionality as Hegemonic Discourse in the Age of #MeToo, 16 Legal Comm. & Rhetoric: JAWLD 1 (2019), Teri A. McMurtry-Chubb


Empirical Analysis of Existing Human Rights Treaties and Prospects for Vulnerable Groups, 29 Transnat'l L. & Contemp. Probs. 63 (2019), William B.T. Mock


Fisher's Forewarning: Using Data to Normalize College Admissions, 21 U. Pa. J. Const. L. 813 (2019), Shakira D. Pleasant

Civil Rights: Did an Employer Illegally Discriminate because of Sex When It Discharged an Employee because of the Employee's Transgender Status (18-107), 47 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 24 (2019), Steven D. Schwinn

Civil Rights: Did Employers Violate the Prohibition against Discrimination because of Sex When They Terminated Employees because of the Employees' Sexual Orientation (17-1618), 47 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 19 (2019), Steven D. Schwinn

Immigration Law: Does Federal Immigration Law Preempt a State's Prosecution of Suspects for Identity Theft after They Provided False Information on Certain Employment Documents (17-834), 47 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 33 (2019), Steven D. Schwinn

The Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico: Does the Appointments Clause Govern the Appointments of Members of the Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico (18-1334) (18-1475) (18-1496) (18-1514) (18-1521), 47 Preview U.S. Sup. Ct. Cas. 29 (2019), Steven D. Schwinn


Reexamining the Concept of Citizenship in Today’s World, 52 UIC J. Marshall L. Rev. 357 (2019), Michael Seng


Properly Accounting for Domestic Violence in Child Custody Cases: An Evidence-Based Analysis and Reform Proposal, 26 Mich. J. Gender & L. 1 (2019), Debra P. Stark, Jessica M. Choplin, and Sarah Wellard

Re-Imagining Law School Clinics: Leveraging Resources to Do More, for More, Under A Hybrid Model, 43 Okla. City U. L. Rev. 129 (2019), Debra P. Stark and Christine Hunt

Extending Batson to Peremptory Challenges of Jurors Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, 40 N. Ill. U. L. Rev. 1 (2019), Mark E. Wojcik

Submissions from 2018


Corporate Ethics: Approaches and Implications to Expanding the Corporate Mindset of Profitability, 49 Loy. U. Chi. L.J. 637 (2018), Arthur Acevedo


Ahead of his time: Cardozo and the Current Debates on Professional Responsibility, 34 Touro L. Rev. 63 (2018), Alberto Bernabe

A Tale of Two Cases: The Supreme Court's Uneasy Position on the Proper Allocation of Authority to Decide Whether to Concede A Client's Guilt in A Criminal Case, 43 J. Legal Prof. 53 (2018), Alberto Bernabe

Attorney-Client Matchmaking and for-Profit Referral Services: 21st Century Innovation Clashes with 20th Century Rules and the End of Avvo Legal Services, 25 No. 2 Prof. Law. 8 (2018), Alberto Bernabe


Are Two Clauses Really Better Than One? Rethinking the Religion Clause(s), 80 U. Pitt. L. Rev. 1 (2018), Donald L. Beschle


No More Tiers? Proportionality As an Alternative to Multiple Levels of Scrutiny in Individual Rights Cases, 38 Pace L. Rev. 384 (2018), Donald L. Beschle

To Kill A Lawyer-Hero: Atticus Finch in the Law School Classroom, 45 Rutgers L. Rec. 191 (2018), Cynthia D. Bond

The Truth of the Matter: Why the Social Contract Dictates Legal Scholars' Sincerity, Candor, & Thoroughness, 101 Marq. L. Rev. 1063 (2018), Nicola "Nicky" Boothe

What Hope for Health in All Policies' Addition and Multiplication of Equity in an Age of Subtraction and Division at the Federal Level: The Memphis Experience, 12 St. Louis U. J. Health L. & Pol'y 59 (2018), Amy T. Campbell


How to Make Money Being a Not-For-Profit, 51 J. Marshall L. Rev. 529 (2018), Ronald Domsky

Decision, Appeal, Repeat: How VA Can Limit Wait Times, Error, and Red Tape through Settlements, 68 Syracuse L. Rev. 407 (2018), Yelena Duterte


The Meaning of Gravity at the International Criminal Court: A Survey of Attitudes About the Seriousness of Mass Atrocities, 24 U.C. Davis J. Int'l L. & Pol'y 209 (2018), Stuart Ford


A Hierarchy of the Goals of International Criminal Courts, 27 Minn. J. Int'l L. 179 (2018), Stuart K. Ford


Informed Consent: No Longer Just What the Doctor Ordered? Revisited, 52 Akron L. Rev. 49 (2018), Marc Ginsberg


Integrating Adjunct Faculty Into Teaching Real Estate Transactions Law & Practice--Both in the Classroom and Online, 53 Wake Forest L. Rev. 947 (2018), Celeste M. Hammond


Police, Heroes, and Child Trafficking: Who Cries When Her Attacker Wears Blue?, 18 Nev. L.J. 1007 (2018), Samuel Vincent Jones

Notable Employee Benefits Articles of 2017, 159 Tax Notes 365 (2018), Kathryn J. Kennedy and Melissa Travis


The Rise and Fall of Fear of Abuse in Consumer Bankruptcy: Most Recent Comparative Evidence from Europe and Beyond, 96 Tex. L. Rev. 1327 (2018), Jason Kilborn


AI & IP Innovation & Creativity in an Age of Accelerated Change, 52 Akron L. Rev. 813 (2018), Daryl Lim


Biologics as the New Antitrust Frontier: Reflections, Riposte, and Recommendations, 2018 U. Ill. L. Rev. Online 209 (2018), Daryl Lim


Bridges II: The Law–STEM Alliance & Next Generation Innovation, 112 Nw. U. L. Rev. Online 147 (2018), Daryl Lim

The Rhetoric of Race, Redemption, and Will Contests: Inheritance as Reparations in John Grisham's Sycamore Row, 48 U. Mem. L. Rev. 889 (2018), Teri A. McMurtry-Chubb

A Story Is the Truth Well Told: Integrating Narrative Thinking Skills into the First-Year Curriculum Using Live Client Pro Bono Cases, 17 Seattle J. for Soc. Just. 25 (2018), Hugh Mundy

The New Digital Wild West: Regulating the Explosion of Initial Coin Offerings, 85 Tenn. L. Rev. 897 (2018), Randolph Robinson II

Submissions from 2017

Lawyers, Organizers, and Workers: Collaboration and Conflict in Worker Cooperative Development, 24 Geo. J. on Poverty L. & Pol'y 353 (2017), Alicia Alvarez

The Wild, Wild Midwest, 26 J. Affordable Hous. & Cmty. Dev. L. 43 (2017), Alicia Alvarez

Teaching and Practicing Community Development Poverty Law: Lawyers and Clients as Trusted Neighborhood Problem Solvers, 23 Clinical L. Rev. 577 (2017), Alicia Alvarez, Susan Bennett, Louise Howells, and Hannah Lieberman


Will I Pass the Bar Exam? Predicting Student Success Using LSAT Scores and Law School Performance, 45 Hofstra L. Rev. 753 (2017), Katherine Austin, Catherine Martin Christopher, and Darby Dickerson

Reading Jane Austen Through the Lens of the Law: Legal Issues in Austen’s Life and Novels, 27 DePaul J. Art, Tech. & Intell. Prop. L. 115 (2017), Maureen Collins


Communication Conundrums: Theories About and Tips for Effective Decanal Communication, 48 U. Tol. L. Rev. 211 (2017), Darby Dickerson and Marjorie Buckner


What Investigative Resources Does the International Criminal Court Need to Succeed?: A Gravity-Based Approach, 16 Wash. U. Global Stud. L. Rev. 1 (2017), Stuart Ford


Restoring Rogers: Video Games, False Association Claims, and the “Explicitly Misleading” Use of Trademarks, 16 J. Marshall Rev. Intell. Prop. L. 306 (2017), William K. Ford